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Ultimately the border security movement in Southern California is dead. It is dead because there are three people who think they are the movement. They are in no particular order: Nightingale, Coe & Gilchrist. Unless you are a part of one of the three you are a no body, and you will not get one once of support. Case in point, the American Apparel protest Jean and I tried field. No attendance (including myself, but that was because of an emergency appendectomy). No support, even on the old SOS. Why? Because I was involved. In other words, it was a case of ego trumping the cause. The principle of stopping illegal immigration has always been my drive in getting involved in this movement. Illegal immigration has to be the sole focus.

In my mind there are three major players, or persons with substantial influence in the southern California border security movement, Nightingale, Coe & Gilchrist. Cross any one of the three and you are dead in the water. They will cut off your numerical support. They will cut off all lines of communication. They will actively bad-mouth you to others. The reason for this is simple: They think they are the voice for border security in southern California. I saw this when Sam organized his vigil for Jamel Shaw. Sam got no support from Nightingale and Coe.

The problem with those three is that they hold way too much influence, and can define their enemies in terms that place them in the best light possible to their mindless followers. I have discovered that with these three in particular, it is all about ego and email lists. Personally, I have no email list. I had and have no agenda, other than wanting to stop the illegal invasion that is slowing but surely killing our country and culture.

Further, I think that so many of use that were in the front lines for so long are just tired of fighting and not seeing any return for our fight. Or worse yet, we have been wounded by the people that we thought were in the fight with us. I believe that the second proposition is more prevalent than the second. I for one lost a lot of the energy I had when I first joined this movement after the fall out I had with the old SOS management.

While Robin and Ray are doing a great job out in the IE, the fact remains that Los Angeles is the place were an impact must be made. Events in Los Angeles will attract media attention because it is in Los Angeles as opposed to the IE. What is needed is something that will put border security back on the media's radar. We need something radical and new. We can no longer have the same old protests and counter-protests were each side screams at each other. The media has seen this, and it won't excite them. What did excite them? The last time I recall the media covering anything we did was after Ted Hayes and the other four of us crossed the LAPD line at Leimert Park. Now I could be wrong about this, but I don't recall media at the Simi Valley church protest, or the Westwood Federal building Ron Paul lovefest.

So what is that radical and new protest? I really have no idea. This is where we need people with fresh ideas, at best, or at least, a meeting of the minds. Some of the best ideas I heard were at lunches after events, but we never had the chance to implement them.

As for me, I would love to get a jump start that would re-energize my passion for border security. I just don't see a reason to get energized based on the turnouts and the general passion of people. Then again I could be all wrong, and everything I have just written is just another steaming pile of bovine excrement.
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