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The rioting in the Arab countries in the Middle East is the work of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies. The dictatorships in Egypt, Syria and the rest are no longer useful to Islam. High tech communication and the popular use of computers in general have made these dictatorships obsolete for Islam.

Notice the lack of problems in Saudi Arabia where the dictatorship is the most brutal and there is the least political freedom or representation. Saudi Arabia hosts Mecca, the site most holy to all of Islam. When Muslims pray, they pray facing Mecca, no matter where they are on the planet.

Al Qaeda is largely run by Saudis, like OBL himself. That is where the money comes from. In advancing the cause of Islam in the ME, overthrowing the old order in Saudi Arabia will come last.

In Iraq, of course, we did the job for them, just as we are in Lybia. The no-fly zone and the participation of NATO is to generate momentum for the supervised surrender of Israel after the international recognition of some kind of Palestinian state.
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