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Are we?

Do we have any planned down there right now?

I can't order people to do events. It is in our best interest to inspire them, coax them, aid them, and set examples for them; which I believe we are still doing. But quality is preferable to quantity, and picking the time and places to expend our capital is our best strategy right now. If you have suggestions, by all means let's try and act on them, but right this minute it's in the middle of a nasty winter and we are still trying to entice our former betheren back, so I don't want to toss a poorly crafted, run of the mill exercise that might just end up less than enthusiastic and cripple our credibility.
I don't agree that we sat on the sidelines this year. Considering what SOS went through...A thorough backstabbing by the former management, orchestrated to a goal of sinking the ship by sabatoge...and yet we got back on our feet in spite of their larcenous attempt, and held several events, one of which thrust the race card to a position where it was scrutinzed in the press. We've done OK for a near homicide victim.
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