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Originally Posted by Jeanfromfillmore View Post
I didn't read any choices in that. You got one?

If who someone wants doesn't make it onto the ballot, and those with the money choose who will be on the ballot, then do I really have a choice? It all comes down to who can gather the big $$$$. I would like to be an idealist and think different, but it would take a lot of others with the willingness to use their vote for the lone horse that the money providers didn't choose.

Can you tell I'm jaded?
I'm not going to endorse anyone on this forum.

Money doesn't always get the mileage if people are disgusted enough. There have been enough recent nation wide examples of those running on a shoestring budget either winning or coming just short of a tie. Next district over, progressive loon Pete Aguilar spent a ton of Democrat money and just squeaked by Republican Paul Chabot, whom, it doesn't seem to me, could get any financial support from the Republican Party or anyone else. I understand Aguilar is already sweating the the next election and is seeking donations from the public with mailer solicitation. I'd like to send him a box full of the old Clinton $3.00 bills and the Obama Bucks with all the Arabic script on them. On the other hand in my congressional district of residence, Nestande seemed to be invisible during his campaign against Ruiz. He might have won in spite of all the turbo spin flung out by the Democrat machine if he just bothered to show up.

Look at the landslide elections of 1920 and 1980 and realize why they were landslides. Furthermore, the landslide winning platform in 1980 was very similar, if not identical, to the platform that lost by a landslide in 1964. Trueman lost both houses of Congress by the end of his tenure and Republican Eisenhower and VP Tricky Dick were sworn into office in 1953. Nixon barely lost to Kennedy (It seems a whole bunch of dead people voted in Texas and there may have been some ballot box shenanigans in Chicago). Goldwater was slaughtered in favor of Johnson. The nation then repudiated Johnson and the Democrats for Nixon, but Nixon got run off and the Nation repudiated Republicans in favor of Carter, then Carter was severly spanked in favor of Reagan. The nation got tired of Bush the first and the Republicans, Bill Clinton and the Democrats, Bush the second and the Republicans - which is how we ended up with Obama and his Democrats. And, Obama lost both houses of Congress, Just like Wilson and Trueman did in their times along with a change of party representation in the white house. However, this is another time and one can't be presumptuous. Yet history does repeat itself in a rough fashion, and I believe that much of the electorate tends to vote against rather than vote in favor.

Obama has a lot of Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter in his make up and I think it's getting old to many who voted against his opponents the last couple of presidential election cycles. If the Republican candidates don't viciously assassinate one another during the primaries and my pick comes out on top, I think we'll be doing well after the 2016 election.

Huckabee, super nice, good guy ex governor whom I don't think has a prayer (no pun intended). I don't believe Sarah Palin will have any traction, the Democrat assassination machine buried her and her time is over. Christie has had quite a few set ups and slander come his way, he may be tough enough to get past it and be a contender, but I'm not sure. I've not heard Bolton's name come up as a candidate, all that I know of him is that he is some sort of an ex ambassador, seems to have a handle on foreign affairs but probably doesn't have any administration experience.

Potential Democrat wild card: Governor Moonbeam might get into it, I'm sure he would have more traction than Clinton or Warren. My God, that man has more political lives than an old animal hoarding spinster has cats. Got a load of the Energizer Bunny to him too.
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