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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
Anyone out there have recording capabilities to document one of these commercials on TV?
Get a Haupphauge HD PVR and record to rewritable disk, then edit with VideoRedo and burn to disk. I was able to record shows of personal interest and edit out commercials, so the show can be edited out and the commercial of interest kept.

Prices seem to be about the same for both the device and software as they were a few years ago.

I have done quite a bit of this stuff, but haven't done any for 2 or 3 years. It worked really well then. I don't know what's out now, but I went through a lot of worthless devices before I found the Hauppauge PVR. The Black Magic Intensity card seemed to work only for raw video camera output, wouldn't pick up what I wanted - a waste of over $300.00. The combination video/audio output to USB recording devices I bought (such as Pinnacle and everything else I tried) simply didn't work. The one direct VHS and TV video to DVD recorder I found and purchased was limited to one hour of recording and degraded the video quality on the finished disk, no provision for editing.

I got started with it because I simply wanted to convert my old VHS to DVD for personal use and that is purposefully made to be very difficult without the right equipment and software. Pissed me off and it became a matter of principle that I be able to do so. I'll add that I tossed out a lot of money on crap devices which didn't work. The PVR was good for backing up VHS to DVD for personal use. For example, I searched high and low to buy a DVD version of the Pink Floyd Delicate Sound of Thunder concert but found it was available only on VHS (which I already had), no commercial DVD versions of the concert were ever available that I know of.

The Hauppauge PVR HD attaches with several cables to the satellite or cable DVR box independent of HDMI, HDMI was configured in a way to prevent intercepting and recording HD signals. Please note that even with the letters "HD" on the Hauppauge device, you're not going to be able to record HD with it - but it was good enough for me.

If you want to copy purchased DVD, HD, and BlueRay disks for personal backup use (don't give away or sell copies, or copy rented media, which is piracy), Slysoft AnyDvd HD and BlindWrite will get you there.

There is also audio (from any source) to CD conversion stuff out there too, some better than others.
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