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Default Lots and lots more.

Huge volume of activity. A deluge.

But I will only post my comments about two at present.

#1. Election predictions:

This morning Fox news reported that the Washington Post is predicting a 95% chance that the Re[publicans will retake the Senate. They had Chris Wallace on and all seemed to think that was pretty optimistic and curious. They all agreed that the percentage is more like 55%.

I'm not popping any champagne corks. I was so certain that Mitt Romney had a lock on the Presidency that I wrote him a congratulatory note. Never again.

According to the AARP magazine the dynamics are shifting to more liberal and tolerant of issue's and minorities. It isn't the seniors or baby boomers but the millennial, the younger set up to 35 years of age. I have to agree.

The election is just around the corner. No time to replace Eric holder. I think BO is plodding along in good fashion, doing a commendable job of wrecking the country, exciting people and plummeting in popularity.

But wait and see. Just go and vote. Please.

#2. The Border parts A and B.

Part A: Ebola. It's crossing alright. but don't think in terms of the Southern Border. Think instead of the whole perimeter. Forty percent of illegals come in to New York. There are 158 passengers arriving DAILY from Africa!!!!

Part B: ISIS. I received an E-mail yesterday from a long time friend and Patriot asking if I could verify a report that 4 ISIS terrorists were apprehended in the last 36 hours. Actually I have a report that 10 were apprehended in the past few days. The common ratio of apprehensions is about 1/3. That's not 30% it's 33 1/3. So actually there were possibly over 30 who came across.
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