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Originally Posted by ilbegone View Post
If it's true, the way it's written doesn't lend itself to credibility, as I outlined above.

I just now looked up Corsi, but have no further idea who or what he is. However, I believe the average person on the street reading his Hillary piece will regard him as a nut, and you as well for running it. You might come across as another Chelene Nightingale with all her goofy, paranoid rants about all sorts of crazy stuff. I know you're not that sort, but you can be painted that way. Think of how Gilchrist was painted with Shawna Forde.

Please think about it.
Look up Walid Shoebat at He is the guy that Corsi is quoting. (Corsi distanced himself from Gilchrist shortly after the book was published) He is not someone I know, met or have had any conversations. The piece was sent to me by a TeaParty site and the cumbersome way it was sent was how they cut and pasted it.

Anyone who has been following the info covering the Middle East, but not through the main stream media, knows what the choppy piece is referencing.

Time may tell what Hillary did or did not do. I say "may" because the Clintons have a network that are very good at covering things up as history has shown.
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