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Originally Posted by wetibbe View Post
First, I'm only voicing my own personal preference. I'm definitely NOT lobbying for Mitt, or selling him or trying to push him onto anyone.

Mitt looks Presidential, he acts Presidential, he is self made, he is successful, he has been married to the same woman, never in a sex scandal, he's Mr. Clean, and he has most of the positions I agree with on most issues, be it energy, labor, health insurance and immigration. He's from the old school. A serious straight shooter.

Here's what Roy Beck says about his stance on illegal immigration.

But who knows. All politicians promise the moon !

I'm so enthusiastic about him because it appears that he is the only candidate that is likely to beat Obama.

His website can be checked for more on his issues.

From your link:

Romney likely best since 'Ike' on illegal immigration

Chad Groening - OneNewsNow - 4/12/2012 4:40:00 AM

The head of an organization that advocates for reduced immigration believes Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would be far better than recent presidents in dealing with the daunting problem of illegal immigration.

With the recent departure of Rick Santorum from the Republican field, Numbers USA's immigration presidential scorecard is down to President Barack Obama and three GOP candidates. Roy Beck, founder and president of the immigration think tank, says Romney's "B-minus" grade is a stark contrast to Obama's "F-minus" -- and better than Newt Gingrich's "D" and Ron Paul's "D-minus" grades.

"In terms of rating him with any Republican or Democratic nominee for president, Romney's not perfect on this issue," he says, "but I'm going to say [he] would probably be on a par with [Ronald] Reagan [and] better than every other nominee until you go back to Eisenhower."

According to Beck, the former Massachusetts governor is excellent when it comes to opposing amnesty and advocating the need for E-Verify. "Romney is very, very strong on the idea that the number-one thing we have to do is shut off the jobs magnet," he states. "He said the number-one thing is to have mandatory 50 state E-Verify."

The Numbers USA founder says having a president push hard for shutting down the "jobs magnet" would be a tremendous step forward on the immigration front.
Big deal. Jobs have nothing to do with why illegals are here. The only reason we have illegal immigrants in this country is that any attempts to throw them out through simple enforcement is arrested by illegal immigration supporters in government. If he will not promise to enforce against illegal immigration, then he is no better than the Obamination. Saying he is like Reagan is even worse, Reagan gave us our current illegal immigrant population with his amnesty program.
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