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Default Forum Additions and Changes Coming Soon

There will be some additions to the forum within the next week or so. We are adding a video marquis where we will show highlighted videos on the main forum home page. These videos will mostly be those taken by SOS associates, or taken at SOS events. These videos will change from week to week also.

In addition, a photo marquis will also be added, again with highlighted pictures which will change periodically.

Videos and pictures that our associates would like on the marquis must have embeddable codes or they will not be able to be placed. We already have many video links on the forum that just show as hyperlinks because the makers of the videos won't allow them to be embedded. As a result, we don't believe they are as attractive enough to the audience that the video account holders would like to have click on them. There is a disadvantage to being this restrictive with your material.
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