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Originally Posted by StokeyBob View Post
I'm thinking all of the stories about the stock market going up lately are not good news.

I'm thinking we are better off with the stock market falling because the dollar is gaining value. Hopefully regaining enough value for more of us to be able to earn a living.

When stocks, commodities, and silver ($40.00) were at the highs about a year and a half ago work was slow here and there were lots of lay offs. As the prices fell worked picked up as did traffic in the morning commute. It became profitable for people to once again hire. I think we are stretched just that tight.

Keep in mind stocks only goes up with the devaluation of the dollar. If they double the money supply it takes twice as many. Sure your Uncle Phil gets twice as much for his stocks when he sells them, but it is twice as many of something worth half as much. Sure he keeps up with inflation...

until he pays capital gains taxes on an illusion of a gain.

Anyway I wouldn't start singing, ♫Happy Days are here again♫ yet.

VVV Longer version of what I just wrote. Links go to the same place.^^^

P.S. Years ago I was wondering where the money was coming from to subvert the immigration laws around the world. I may have come up with the root of the problem. Fiat Money.

That's when I came up with the Super Dollar pictured in the article.

No matter how much honest money you and your friends can come up with to build your world the way you want others inside and outside of the country have the ability to fire up the fake money presses and print what ever it takes to get their way. Haven't you wondered how, even when you've stopped them, they are able to rise up again like those dead guys in the scary movies? They are using your money!
The stock market has taken on a life of its' own, and not that many people can interpret it's changes by mere observation. You'd have to have your head buried in financial and legal documents 14 hours a day to even hope to get a grasp on a small cross section of it. But yes, it's all about promissary notes, trust in something you cannot really see or touch, and embracing a concept of valuation. It's a religion really. The believers don't take kindly to those who question its' validity either, and it's one church that the US government does not want to keep separate from the state.
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