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The bodies of the victims of Elliot Rodger's murderous rampage were barely cold when one of the victim's relatives cast immediate blame on the NRA and the failure of politicians to restrict guns. Make no mistake about this event; it was a senseless, unconscionable, and very unfair act by an extremely twisted, mentally tortured individual. The NRA was not involved. Politicians, of course, are always culpable. But as is becoming quite routine after any shooting where a body count reaches a dozen or more, and the victims are innocents, the anti-gun lobby is quick to seize on it for their own use.

The NRA is to blame, a lot. The politicians are also. The problem I see is, why do people need so many guns and especially the assault type?
Don't forget how many people use drugs today. Don't forget the uncivil attitude of so many. Gun rights are good for what they were intended but today, do I need 5 plus guns?
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