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Originally Posted by PochoPatriot View Post
I have given this great though over the past couple of days. Yes, I am very pissed off about this incident. Sadly, I just do not see enough of a response to go through all the effort to organize an event. As of this posting, this thread has been viewed 50 times, but only three people have even cared enough to post a response. One person did PM me on this forum. That person is a fighter, and I would gladly partner with that person to make this happen. I know that there are people who are passionate about this issue. The response here has been underwhelming, to say the least.

Even on my personal Facebook page the response has been at best, tepid. It seems that some people, who were leaders in this movement, are just too busy playing Facebook games to actually do something. The grass roots border security movement is dead, or at best dying.

I am not willing to put together a protest where only a handful of people come out, and where the counter-protesters come out in the hundreds. The security risks will simply out weigh the benefits. The LAPD will not enforce the law, should we be attacked by counters.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong, and that people will get a spark lit under their collective asses.

SOS has traditionally gone into battle with underwhelming numbers. It is the mark of dedication. That said, if we want to make the investment in physical terms, we should have a plan in place that will realize the profits from that investment. I don't mind working an area like this, but I don't want it to just be observed as an outburst.
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