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As you can hear and see from the videos, there was a concerted effort to deprive us of attendees and visitors. I walked up to the west end of the entrance to the traffic circle and spoke with some of the people after I saw them being herded away. When asked, they said they were told they could not enter, and I told them they could. Some were just tourists wanting pictures of the flowers, but several people were coming for us. The consulates event people set up shop right by my truck too, which I was not very comfortable with.

The long and short of it is, and was, that mexicans were protected from unsightly border patrol memorials, and people not in the know were kept that way. I tried to do this thing right, and all that did was give the devious minds inside the capitol a chance to plan our failure.
I will not forget this, and in fact will try and make up for their treachery in the coming months

the mexicans went on as usual, singing, dancing, and proclaiming their love and devotion for the country that failed them and that they voluntarily left. They splashed the capitol again with their colors the whole night, and waved their buzzard flag to excess. Robin Hvidston drove allll the way from Southern CA for this event, she's such a trooper, and she took many pics of their event, so when those get posted on her site, I'll link you

The close of our event was the bugler blowing taps, and even he had a difficult time getting in

Bugler plays "taps" as we lower the flag for the evening

At dark, we dismantled the display and I dropped Robin off at her car. I gave her a supply of display stuff to use in her events, since I had excess, and then she headed back to southern CA

I drove to a restaurant for some food, after having pretty much starved for 12 hours and parched from the direct sun all day
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