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Default 700 Club Presses Amnesty On TV Show

Woke up early this a.m. because the dogs were barking at something, and then couldn't get back to sleep. while thumbing through the available TV channels at that hour, I happened upon the 700 club show, a religious program, as the speaker was calling on congress and Americans to legalize the 12 million illegals because...they were hurting
I'm hurting too. I'm hurt because there are so many illegals and their now anchor babies are gobbling up services that we can't pay for, and that are now being cut drastically for everyone. I'm hurting because the fall-back opportunities have been gobbled up by newcomers and others who are hiring the illegals under the table and undercutting the necessary wage to support my family. I'm hurting because the jails are full of illegal aliens and they have to cut back on incarcerating felons and others because we don't have the means to support the prisons and jails. I'm hurt because my congresswench listens more intently to the plight of illegal aliens and their "latino vote" than she does me or many of us legal voters.
The 700 club is as short sighted as the rest of the open borders bunch. They should stick to administering the faith, and stay the hell out of politics!!
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