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Fox news announced a short list of front runners currently:

#1. Scott Walker
#2. Ben Carson
#. Marco Rubio
# Mike Huckabee

There must be more than a dozen other lists all with different names.

But now I have found a prediction that the field of candidates will be huge, twice as many as last election, 23 names so far. So should I apologize to everyone for wasting their time with this silly trivia ?

This whole mess currently with Obama's many initiatives is so convoluted, contradictory, duplicitous that I am really having a hard time following the - to and fro - back and forth - One day it's this, the next it's that.

The salient conclusions that I have been able to come to are that:

1. Obama is completely off the rails.
2. The Republican Senators and Congressmen are fractionalized, split, and the numbers who actually understand the problems are so small that I can count them on the fingers of my two hands. I'm actually dumbfounded that the GOP is so innocuous, perceivably help-less, inept that they cannot stop the steam rollering successes of illegal alien gains.
3. The crimes being committed in the highest offices, the lies, chicanery, deception, innuendo, blatant violations of Federal Immigration and Customs laws so egregious, ------------ are going virtually unopposed in any fruitful, successful way. Albeit there is some opposition voiced, it seems to have virtually NO effect in stopping or remedying the avalanche.

What does appear to be happening is that the majority of Americans are increasingly dissatisfied. This is evidenced by the wins in the last election. I will venture the guess that if the Presidential election was held today we would have a Republican President. All indications so far are that over the ensuing years, to election, the current problems will grow, magnify, as reality sets in and all of the enormous damage accumulates - and by my information it is steam rollering increasingly rapidly.

Unfortunately, I am sorry to express my pessimism that we will be able to field a good right wing conservative. Those that I prefer are not running. The others appear, to me, to be wiling to try to appease as many voters as possible and will compromise their morality, if necessary, to win favor of as many voters as possible.

I'll repeat what NYC Mayor Ed Koch said: If a candidate has 9 of 12 positions *( or attitudes ) that you agree with - go with him. Ed was a very intelligent politician. A Democrat who was the most honest political figure I ever knew. I really respected his philosophy but disagreed with some of his decisions. And he was a New York City Jew who I liked a lot. I'll go with Ed's suggestion.

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