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Originally Posted by Twoller View Post
The only way to confront illegal immigration is to confront illegal immigration.

You really have to ask yourself to what extent do the people who have the most to gain from such effort really care about the same issue? Are tax protesters really against illegal immigration or do they support open borders as well?

We've seen similar efforts and explanations. Recall that some people say that "self deportation" is the answer. Get rid of the jobs and the welfare and illegals will just go away by themselves. Perhaps these same folks don't want the federal government to be doing anything, even policing our borders and they certainly don't want to pay for it either with taxes.

There is really only one solution: Hunt them down and throw them out.

The answer to the sanctuary cities is, like the amnesty notion, to offer a more pointed alternative to sanctuary. Any time we throw out an illegal immigrant without prosecuting them for criminal entry, that is amnesty. Any place we provide for illegals on their way out of the country when we provide amnesty, that is sanctuary.

The English language is taking a real beating anyway, it will not suffer this temporary indignity.
You're missing the point concerning the message. There are small governments who declare themselves to be sanctuary entities for those who defy our federal immigration law, how about in return an equal show of concern for citizens with whom the federal Internal Revenue Service might feel they have a beef. Sort of along the idea of state's rights or local control. It might be more symbolic than practical, since while the feds don't much concern themselves with illegality of presence, they definitely are going to defend revenue flow. Loan sharks are purveyors of good will compared to the IRS.

And, among those who advocate any sort of control concerning illegal immigration, few to none espouse the idea of crucifying the enablers of illegal immigration - those who employ illegal labor. 99% of those employers know exactly who and what they hire. The blather that they don't know is bullshit spin.

Again, if it did come down to hunting "them" down and throwing "them" out, that's fine, so long as it isn't predicated on race and presumption.
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