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Default Lets make a deal !!!

Tell ya what. I'll challenge you Californians to arm wrestling to determine which state, New York or California, has the worst candidates !!

Historically Governor Eliot Spitzer was a rough cob that called himself a "fxxxxxx steam roller". He was prosecuting everyone is sight. Then the Feds caught him cavorting with prostitutes and he resigned. Then the Lieutenant Governor David A.Paterson, who is a legally blind liberal negro, took office to finish out Spitzers term.

The Democratic candidate is Andrew Cuomo, son of Marion Cuomo formed Governor of NY, a flaming liberal. The Republican is Carl Paladino, a multi-millionaire businessman from Buffalo who looks and sounds like a Mafia Godfather. He has NO background in office, never held a position in Government. We don't know anything about him except that he talks tough.

So I'll hold my nose and vote for Paladino and keep my fingers crossed.

Most of you will do the same thing and vote for Meg Whitman. If she follows true to form as soon as she takes office she will renege on campaign promises and flip flop over to the right side. *( Don't they all ? ).

David Paterson *( Holding up a sign { upside down } !!!!!!!!!!!!

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