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It hasn't gone the way I would have liked to have seen it, but...

I enjoyed watching Congressional progressives turn on one another and the president the last couple of days and I thought that Democrats were going to hypocritically force the relative non-event of temporarily "shutting down the government", which would have worked for me. The interactions and unusual, disparate, inverted stances taken by Democrats, Republicans, Biden, and Obama was great, bizarre, comedic theater to me, it was like a spectacle performance of street whores both asserting and abandoning their purported highfalutin' moral principles all at the same time; the unethical elite draping their newly found virtue around themselves like soiled and tattered rags; the red lines drawn in a sewage filled mosh pit by wanton sell outs and their political pimps; the last minute presentation of a 1700 plus page bill no one had the time to read before debating and voting...

If it were possible, I would have enjoyed finding a way to feed the pretended outrage of those like Pelosi and her buddies while egging Senator Warren on to hound House Democrats to reject the "offer". Let them shut it down while pissing in Obama's pleading face.

However, we have to deal with what we have and look to the long term, and the long term looks a lot better to me at this point, one step at a time.

Woodrow Wilson was a two term progressive president who drastically changed the daily lives of Americans. He started out with both houses of Congress, lost them both for many of the same general reasons as Obama did (ideologically rigid, ignored Constitutional boundaries, and was deaf to the public) and progressivism was largely forestalled for three subsequent presidencies until the the hard times of the great depression and progressive FDR with his "New Deal".

For the long term, it is better to have the presidency and the Senate than the presidency and the House. If they don't blow it, there is a precedented chance that the Republicans will have all three branches in 2016.

In the meantime, we can put a lot of pressure on them, do what we can to get rid of Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi and all the rest as well as many of the Republican establishment while avoiding splitting the vote, something that quite a few of the more conservative don't seem to understand. Half of something is a lot better than a whole lot of nothing.

Immigration issues are a very important part of a good deal, but if it's the only part of the ultimate goal we get nothing.

Right now, I'm wondering what's going on with the left's notion of good presidential candidates. Obama was a community organizer to whom the world is a political theory often divorced from concrete reality, The man spent little time in what we know to be the real world of making a living before becoming a one term Senator and then president. Elizabeth Warren had been swimming around in academic circles before becoming a, so far, one term Senator and she is seeming to be favored over Hillary. Warren is so far left she couldn't make a right turn to get on the freeway.

The progressive hypocrisy is astounding.

For as much as they hate Wall Street and business in general, guess what much of the net worth of true believer, progressive, WEALTHY denizens of Congress is composed of - it seems that those Democrat capitalist pigs have their noses in the investment and real estate troughs while denying a shot for the middle class and those they impoverish with their ideological policies, they can't politically succeed without out the poor, the rich and little to no middle class in between. Hence, in part, the importation of largely illiterate, unskilled people and using their American born children as a means to a progressive end.

And people wonder why we can't get the fairest of all income taxes - a flat tax. It's a sure bet Pelosi isn't going to whack the tax breaks she and her husband take advantage of while wiping out the middle class with taxes and fees; massive regulation and detailed information gathering reaching into even the most private of nooks and crannies; and enforcement of politically correct ideology via destroying dissenters.

Furthermore, they take money (campaign contributions, funding for nominally separate progressive organizations, etc.) from the very people and institutions they rail against. It's sardonically ironic that all sides are... playing all sides.

In the meantime, one step at a time in the long slog, it's not all going to happen on one happy day.
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