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Originally Posted by wetibbe View Post

The Ferguson debacle is demonstrative of the latent, hidden from view, human black scum, that occupies our Nation. These embarrassing dysfunctional racists adequately have come out of the shadows and shown their true colors.

I don't want to further elaborate.

Enough said.
There are lots of angles to Ferguson, not the least that Brown's death is being used by several agendas.

The more obvious is that people like Sharpton make a living fomenting racial hatred and those like Obama and Holder politically exploit racial division.

Black outsiders used Brown for an excuse to loot and burn, the white anarchist and progressive "occupy" type of outsiders who egged them on are trying to fabricate links between a vague notion of capitalism, black poverty, and police brutality for polarization to be exploited towards a political end. They decimated the economic viability of many of Brown's neighbors and Martin Luther King's legacy was thoroughly pissed on by those people.

Same with Obama's executive order for amnesty. It has several aims such as: creating infighting among Republicans in Congress over how to respond as well as hopefully provoking them into a rash, politically destructive over reaction; using a group perceived to be monolithic to a political end, that group will eventually bite the Democrat party white leadership in the ass for being used as a political chess piece; regaining control of national political narrative; reasserting a failed, lame duck presidency; ultimately it is a cynical first cannon shot in a take no prisoners war to regain Democrat control in Washington via the 2016 elections.

In the end, it's not at all about blacks, whites, racism, police brutality, Latinos or immigration of any type: those issues and peoples are a means to an end, bridges over obstacles to get to a political destination, something to be walked on and used, tools to be taken out of the garage for a job and then put back until the next time they are needed.

Obama, Holder, Sharpton, black looters, white inciters, the Democrat party at large could could care less about the situations and solutions for those issues and peoples, they bank on the assumption that what one appears to do is more important than what is actually done. And 50 years since Johnson's "Great Society" was kicked off, some of those chess piece people just might be waking up
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