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Originally Posted by Twoller View Post
You've seen mobs of straights attack homosexuals? That sounds like news. Where did you see that? You've actually seen "mobs"?
It did make news most of the time. Some of the events happened right here in Sac, but I witnessed some in other towns too.
Most of us humans witness two men or two women carressing or holding each other as a hetero couple would, and we turn away or maybe even run away, but there's a segment of society that takes it upon themselves to make a forceable impression on them in the hopes of permanently discouraging it I suppose. One or two of those types of people can have a coercive effect on several of their friends, and this is amplified whenever alcohol is involved. Years ago, when something along those lines happened, the news reported it as a altercation minus the sexual reference, mainly because there would be no sympathy for the gays anyway. In later years it became more fashionable to ID the gays.
One instance that really disgusted me in the 80's was some women walking in "Take back the night" event here were holding each other as they walked, and some big guy took offense and whacked one of them...on camera. He was egged on by some buds who were all throwing beer bottles and yelling insults at them. They weren't having sex in public for christs sakes. I don't like gays per se, but I sure don't like beating them into submission either.
I could tell you several stories where I saw it personally, and a few where I was within the group where one or more gays were and thus ended up on the recieving end of one of the angry mobs.
Angry mobs are not a good thing.
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