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"Bullying" of gays and illegals? Are you kidding? What bullying are you talking about?

Years ago, Gov. Pete Wilson vetoed some bill and the gays showed up at a press conference and threw tomatoes and other things at him. Later that day on the TV news, they showed a roadblock set up by gays where they randomly pulled people out of their cars and beat them up because they were "frustrated" over the veto of the bill. These were random motorists! This was on TV! Amazing that TV reporters could stand around and cover this stuff for TV but that no police ever showed up to arrest the gays or protect their victims from random violent attack.

[We saw the same thing in the Rodney King riots in 1992 where live TV showed that truck driver and other people getting the Hell beaten out of them while the cops were hiding at Parker Center. Later I saw TV footage that showed Police standing by while looters went in and out of stores.]

I had a friend in the DA's office in Fresno County in the 1980's who told me about some local gay militants read letters to the editor of the local newspaper and targeted the writers for vandalism, threatening calls, threats against their children, etc, if they disagreed with the gay agenda. That's right. Threatened their children too. People who wrote letters to the editor received anonymous telephone calls from gays threatening to rape and sodomize their children! This was 20 years ago.

Look at them now. We see Gay "activists" combing the lists of political donors to anti-gay poiltical activism and targeting those people at their homes, businesses and jobs. These people are savages and they're not the victims of anything.

When have you ever seen mobs of straights come out into the streets and attack gays? We have a caste system in this country and gays are on the top rung. They make up 5% of the population and they now dictate to the remaining 95% of us. They can do anything and they're immune from criticism, because disagreeing with Gays is "hate speech."

I'm sick of hearing about "bullying" of gays. Nonsense. It's the gays who are the bullies. Just listen to their "leaders" and read their websites. They're the ugliest, most vicious bunch of savages you'll ever see. I"ve seen their "leaders" on TV and the radio and they were all thugs who defended violence and terrorism against people who disagreed with them. These people are savages.

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