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I wholeheartedly agree. All manner of fireworks and happenings went off last year, and we sat it out. Gutierrez, Fiorina/Boxer, DREAM Act, exhibitions of civil disobedience, SB1070 ... all of it.

Whether the event committee is open membership or closed is irrelevant. We have one, it has personnel, but nothing gets produced anymore.

That's just reality.
It is not irrelevant whether the event committee is open or closed. We have stated from the outset that we invite and welcome participation, and we prove our intent by keeping the door, and opportunity, open to those who wish to be active. If the committee was closed, that would be a relevant factor in why there wasn't any events. However, there have been events. July, August, september, and October, Save Our State held events. It is not unconscionable that we didn't hold events in November and December. The election, the holidays, and the weather are solid factors that planners don't want to compete with. Now here it is January, and we'll be having three more events this month.
We'd like to see more, however, as stated here already, we are a non-profit organization with limited resources at present; we do what we can, when we can, and where we can.
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