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Originally Posted by Layne View Post
This is Tim Steller's report. Please notice this:

After Flores let them in, he asked why Bush had tape on his gun, and Bush shot and killed him, police reports say. He then shot Flores' wife (Gina Gonzalez) three times she survived and interrogated 9-year-old Brisenia Flores before shooting her twice, killing her.

Steller indicates that Gina was shot 3X, something we put up on the website months ago! See The Circumstantial Point: So far, not ONE NEWS SOURCE but us has mentioned the surviving victim was shot 3 times. It seems that everyone was shot at least 2X just for good measure: the daughter and the father. And HOW DID THEY LEAVE Gina alive? Was this some kind of a set-up?
Not exactly sure how this would relate though. There have been instances where people have been shot multiple times before and survived. Why would the number of bullet holes in a single person be an indication of a set up? Might just be they didn't think they hit her twice like the others and fired what they thought was a second shot but was actually the third.
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