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Originally Posted by Patriotic Army Mom View Post
Please keep the color out of this everyone. My children are mixed and are great Americans. They love their country and don't take likely to race baiting. This kind of talk is what keeps this crap going. I'm sick of it. We have many different shades of colors and my children have suffered from all of this. Believe it or not a couple of years ago, I apologized because of my color. They were shocked. I for one will not do it to anyone else. They have felt the wrath from illegals and all of this other garbage more than I have.
Keep it clean, we forget what our purpose is.
Are we not all Americans?!
I don't like racists of any color, nor have I ever apologized for my color.

I write a lot of the things I do because so many people do judge on color rather than the individual, and I oppose bigots of any color.

My primary concern is about illegal migration, but so many make it about race. I will state again that the only difference between a white supremacist and a Latino activist is that they work opposite corners of the same street, they both have similar goals, and they need each other to stir up racial enmity among everyone else in order to achieve very similar goals - to push everyone not of their own race out of the United States, or at the very least, selective parts of it.

The issue of illegal immigration is just on any side of it only if it is about economics and legal issues concerning the illegally present, or any other sort of migration for that matter, because race includes (or excludes) others without regard to nationality or legality of presence.

People like Don sabotage the effort because the issue of race is already stacked against those who would see that immigration law be enforced. You need to correctly identify the enemy, or you loose the war.
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