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Default Salinas Grade School Named for Convicted Murderer

What kind of people name an elementary school after a convicted murderer?

The Hispanics who run Salinas CA, that's who.

Check out this LA Time story about a "firey" Mexican politician named Jose Castenada (he had straight F's in school) who is on the Salinas City Council and who supports a grade school named after infamous Mexican convicted robber & murderer Tiburcio Vasquez.

Isn't this inspiring? A grade school named after a "Latino" who was convicted of murder and robbery in the 1800's. Just the kind of role model needed by "underperforming" Latino children who live in a "poor" community plagued by gangs and crime.

Time to go back to racially segregated schools. Give the blacks and browns their own schools and they can name them for whatever killers, robbers and dope dealers they want. The blacks can have OJ Simpson and Mumia Abu Jamal schools. The Hispanics can have Che Guevara and Fidel Castro schools, in addition to the more traditional robbers and murderers from the 1800's. They will continue to blame white "racism" for their dismal academic performance, but at least with segregated schools, white kids will have a chance at a decent education.
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