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Default SOS Bulletin: Tax Exempt Status Granted By State

Greetings Save Our State associates and faithful,

The California state franchise tax board has issued a determination granting our tax exempt status dating back to 2009. After much paperwork filed, numerous telephone conversations, and a great deal of patience applied, we are formally recognized as a non-profit in the state of California. We have one further hoop to jump through in registering at the Department of Justice's charitable trusts section, however the paperwork is already fininshed, and was tendered this week. Unfortunately a $25.00 fee is required that we thought was waived for 501c3's, but didn't actually turn out to be the case. We hope to have that dilemna solved soon, and would now like to solicit donations for the completion of our federal filings and this registry fee.
If you would like to donate anything, please contact us via email or through PM.
We will place some new contact info on the forum soon in regards to donations. Also, we will place another thread in regards to donations other than monetary.


Save Our State management
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