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Adding insult to injury,

One of my immediate family members was taken to the hospital via emergency, and I drove over to meet them. I had to park in the short term prking lot, and despite some difficulties using their ticket dispenser, I was able to buy the required time and display it on the dash before tending to the original matter. Despite my compliance, I was issued a parking cite for not showing proof that I paid. I'd like to say that it was baffling as to why, but I had noticed the hospital staff security cruising the lot like sharks prowling for prey.
the hospital stay was resolved, and I have already filed for a "hearing" to protest this unjust citation. In addition, I have filed public records requests for their most recent year's accounting for citations issued, fines paid, citations contested, and citations dismissed. Unamazingly, the staff were stumped by the request, and needed further explanation as to what to do with it. Ordinarily I would have waited until resolution of the citation to start being a pain in the ass, but these things are taking too damn long as it is, and I was hopping mad after having spent the time and money buying the ticket in the first place
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