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Default Media Embedding Problems -(Youtube, Pictures, etc)

This new forum does not have many of the add ons that the other forums we frequent, so it is not as easy to embed your youtube videos, pictures, links, and the like. I did attempt to add one program on last night, and despite following all the instructions, it caused the forum not to allow postings at all, so I promptly removed and disabled it. I presume it's some incompatible code with our webhosts system. I'll try and address this over the next few days, but for now it's going to be up to each of us to help others post their links using whichever embed codes are provided by that particular host ie youtube, photobucket, etc. The add on programs we've been using in the past are often very version specific, and if the code writer stops supporting his program because they've moved on to other projects, and then Vbulletin upgrades the version to address some bug, the previous version of the add-on code writers' program could cause some issues. As mentioned, I'll read up on more of the possible solutions and then contact our webhost with the info. I'm sure it's doable in some form.
Barring that, we may have to place more options on the link bar in the area when you post and take each media insert independently like the quote button does
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