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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
The deal in short is,

The Chinese sell us 60 percent of the peaches in in the US, and US farmers had a banner year for production, so we have a glut. Instead of cutting off the imports from china, the government (you the taxpayer), is buying some of the excess peaches grown by the US farmers to give away to the poor (mostly foreign illegals) so that the farmers won't have to scale back and fire some of their workers (mostly illegal foreigners), and the chinese don't have to cut back on their US market

Talk about a tangled web of deception....
What hapened to Bush's plan to make America more competitive? It was a deception...
The deal has you the taxpayers paying 11 and a half million dollars for 22,000 tons of peaches that will be given away to children of illegals. That works out to be around 27 cents a pound I believe.
You hit the nail on the head with that post AG, that is exactly what is happening, every word it true.

Remember the "lettuce will be $5 a head" crap?

Read the article I posted today on the huge amount of trucks bringing in Mexican produce. We are really getting screwed by this whole "agricultural industry" when what they really are is big business that couldn't care less about the US, it's all about big $$$$$.
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