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Default In your face.

Hey west coasters. It's show down time. Either agree or capitulate.

I have long contended that my useful idiots here are more skewed than your there, especially LA. For a while you were apparently winning but now "I've got some bad news for you".

The NYC council has now voted and approved ID cards for illegal aliens, permiso to open bank accounts, apply for drivers licenses and - ready for this one? - free legal counsel for any illegal aliens who have deportation orders. Yes' it is reported on the news this AM.

So now fess up and admit that our lunatics are, hands down, more off the rails than Californian "criminals".

Furthermore, also reported, the Supreme Court voted 9 - 0 labeling our supreme allied commander in Nation wrecking as violating the Constitution. It's official.

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Now a question! I have posted the Federal Customs and Immigration laws many times. Also I stated, above, that there were many Towns attacked and sued for passing their own versions of immigration laws, some most noticeable: Lou Barlette former mayor of Hazleton; City of Danbury, some in Missouri, Texas and elsewhere. To say nothing of how Sheriff Arpaio was treated for enforcing the law.

It is impractical to expect anyone to march in to the Oval office or DOJ and throw raincoats over heads and cuffs on. The gentlemanly way is IMPEACHMENT.

The question: Why isn't it happening ?

Oh yes ! Also why isn't NYC being sued by ANYONE?

I'll revert back to my usual position and hope that it degenerates faster and more ruinous. Let the people decide next election. Our Congress obviously doesn't have the will, power or intention of doing anything.

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