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The trail back

Sunday, after breakfast, the fair maiden had us on another hike, although this one promised to be a whole lot shorter. It was shorter, but certainly not easier. The fair maiden finally met her match, for after getting a belly full of ham 'n eggs, coupled with still being on the mend from the 9 mile'er yesterday, the steep and constant climb of today's hike left her wanting for the turnaround. It was a lot steeper, and it just kept going up...up...and up, on gravely, rocky terrain with a stiff cold wind blowing off Mount Tallac. It blew us around a little, but we got some views of Fallen Leaf lake as proof we were there:

All in all, it was a good getaway on the cheap. My muscles are a bit sore, and I was probably out of bounds with that long hike on Saturday with my health weakened and all, but you never know; any trip, vacation or whatever you want to call them, could be your last. Take it in while you can

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