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Default Biden's Amnesty Mania

1. Biden's amnesty for millions of illegal aliens is not even palatable to democrats.

2. Mary Ann Mendoza's son, Brandon was an Arizona police officer killed by an illegal ... even cops aren't safe .

3. Boni Driskill whose daughter Lacy was murdered by an illegal gang member was murdered for fun .

4. There are a number of similarities involved in both killings that politicians overlook .

5. Both ladies believe politicians to be accessories in the killing of their loved ones .

Biden's desire to legalize the millions of illegal aliens in the USA and to let in millions more is not sitting well with the American people. Even Democrats don't like the idea. No worries Joe will do it anyway. Two women, Mary Ann Mendoza and Boni Driskill that lost their children to illegals discuss the issue . .
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