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Originally Posted by Rim05 View Post
Sad to say that so many still only care about his skin color and don't have a clue as to what has happened during these last six years, Obama's time in office.
Just wait for the next six years. Ever hear about 'globalazation?
I just finished two books which gave me some insight.

The one was Saul Alinsky's (died 1972) book, Rules for radicals which was described by the Chicago Sun-Times as influencing a young organizer named Barack Obama. Alinsky is further described as having impressed Hillary Clinton. Jose Angel Gutierrez said that he organized the La Raza Unida party and take over of Zavala County, Texas using Alinsky's methods during the late 60's and early 70's.

I see Obama as having complied with Alinsky's premise that once power is gained by a dissenting group, the new group does the very same things they were so hot and bothered about concerning the previous group in power. For example, Obama goes way beyond whatever Bush did with bypassing Congress and becoming a virtual dictator with executive orders, fast moves, and dirty tricks. Another would be freedom of expression and association, or concerns that the ballot box is being tampered with and other voter fraud. There is always the bypassing of democracy and will of the people in one form or another, such as "We have to pass the bill so we can find out what's in it", or using government as a political weapon, such as IRS and Homeland Security shenanigans.

Also, a la Alinski theory, Obama was trapped with the Syrian problem by being out of his experience (community organizer against city hall vs. how executive power is expressed in a rough world). The capable community organizer brought about Obama Care against much opposition, the incompetent President was boxed in by Putin utilizing an Alinsky tactic of forcing the establishment to live up to its own rules.

As I read Alinsky, to organize is to polarize, there has to be cultivated (no ambivalence at all) hate and, depending on the morality of the moment (depending on whether winning or losing) anything goes. Of course, all this polarization has to be built on some sort of "moral" foundation.

The other book is Government of wolves. I don't entirely buy into the whole premise, and in some cases the author is obviously winging it, such as tying "Aztlan" (a born in America pipe dream) in with a Mexican drug cartel which employs a "Zappatista"* named Paco who is covered in gang tatoos, along with everyone Mexican answering the phone with "Hola". Some of it smacks too much of conspiracy theory. It definitely references a borderless three nation American Union and the hard core far left taking power in America.

But there is enough, such as the IRS attacking right wing organizations and much, much else which is eerily going on as I type this. As well, there have been other things in the past which I scoffed at then but later found to be true.

To me it was just a typical fiction book about English mercenaries somewhat along the line of Tom Clancy until I got about to page 100, then I couldn't put it down.

I believe both books are well worth a read.

* Zapatista.

Originally a follower of Emiliano Zapata based out of Morelos during the 1910 Mexican revolution, his concern was of centuries long Hacienda encroachment on communal Indian land used for subsistence farming. Emiliano Zapata was treacherously assassinated by other Mexicans, which gained him a niche in the Mexican Pantheon of heroes.

Also follower of an early 1990's uprising in Chiapas provoked by Mexican President Salina's land ownership policies which adversely effected Indian subsistence farming. The majority of the uprising was stirred up by middle class, Marxist university students from Mexico City. As I understand it showman "Subcommandante Marcos" eventually faded away into irrelevant obscurity.

The vast majority of both types of Zapatistas were rural, subsistence farming Indians

The incredibly crude and sadistic Paco, to me, fits as a cartel character but is an unlikely "Zappatista" - which is misspelled. Maybe the author was thinking of Frank Zappa.
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