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Originally Posted by Rim05 View Post
I wrote a long post to this thread but when I submitted it everything went away (wild). I can't say what happened but I have things to do and will not repost. Maybe later??????????????????????
Sorry for that. Long posts have a tendency to sign you out of the forum while you write them. If you are careful about how you sign back in, they will stay in memory here, but it's not a sure thing. Two ways to insulate yourself from this.

1. enable cookies (remember me) for this forum. the down side is that you can't just come and read the forum without signing in automatically.
2. copy your posts before you post them, and then re-post them as if it was new. This is my method.

The forum has a timeout feature so people won't stay logged on in perpetuity, thereby taking up bandwidth and slowing down performance. It's one of those trade-off things
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