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Default Initiative and Referendum Qualification Status as of June 30, 2016

Qualified Statewide Ballot Measures
1669. (15-0005) School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities. Initiative Statutory Amendment.
1667. (15-0003) Revenue Bonds. Statewide Voter Approval. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
1742. (15-0083A1) Legislature. Legislation and Proceedings. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
1773. (15-0115A1) Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
1741. (15-0081A1) Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research, and Law Enforcement. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
1781. (15-0121A) Criminal Sentences. Juvenile Criminal Proceedings and Sentencing. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
1668. (15-0004, Amdt. #1) Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements. Initiative Statute.
1672. (15-0009, Amdt. #1) State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards. Initiative Statute.
1728. (15-0066) Death Penalty. Initiative Statute.
1756. (15-0098A1) Firearms. Ammunition Sales. Initiative Statute.
1762. (15-0103) Marijuana Legalization. Initiative Statute.
1734. (15-0074) Carry-Out Bags. Charges. Initiative Statute.
1747. (15-0096) Death Penalty. Procedures. Initiative Statute.

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