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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
Because she is claiming to this day that SOS is endorsing her. Because she has cheated and deceived one of our loyal and cherished activist associates, and continues to do so today. Because she has sullied the good names of valuable activist people within this movement, and continues to do that today. I could go on, but you get the idea. As long as she seeks and gets any profile coverage that lends her undeserved credibility, I am going to speak out....kind of like you just did
OK, good points. And I obviously do not know all the facts involved as I purposefully stepped away from the cults of personality (Gilchrist, Gheen, Nightingale, et. al.) that this movement seems to generate. However, at what point are we stooping to her level in doing this?

Further, when do we stop being anti-Nightingale and become pro-border security?

I am not trying to stir up shyte but just trying to get my head wrapped around this issue.
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