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Default Republican Hierarchy Blew A Chance

That is right. I said the Republicans blew a chance. They blew a chance at redemption. All throughout this whole debt crisis, a total scheme on its' own, the Republicans tied the whole blasted thing to Obamacare. What they should have done, was tie it to immigration enforcement. The majority of this country wants the borders enforced, the illegals deported, and interior enforcement. The majority of the country does NOT want Obamacare repealed. Whether ObamaCare is good or bad is irrelevant. There are too many "wanters" to fight. Now they made the entire party look like turds. Had they said, "lets save money by enforcing immigration laws, overturn Obama's executive chicanery DACA and discretion". Also save money on welfare, WIC, SNAP and healthcare for illegals by stepping up fraud detection and deportations, it would have at least been an achievable goal that wouldn't turn everyone against them. But no.....once again they stiffed us, and now Obama is saying he'll press for immigration reform after he claims his victory of the debt deal crisis.

In the end here, the financial masters of our debts, the cruel, manipulative scheme concocting heartless bastards that have facilitated our slide into the clutches of involuntary servitude by way of fiscal treachery, are now exerting their force against the members of congress and senate, to keep the country under their thumb and force a debt deal that gives those who tried to flex their muscles against that financial empire a black eye so as to discourage anyone from threatening to do that again.

We're getting nothing from the democrats in the deal, the republicans are taking all the bad press for even trying, and obamacare has escaped unscathed. It could have been fixed from the start, but we'll never know that. We could have at least gained some yards if the concessions asked for were realistic. Immigration enforcement had at least the propriety of savings and grass roots support on both sides.
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