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Originally Posted by ilbegone View Post
I was skimming above and saw someone with, among others, a charge of possessing "Burglar's tools". What exactly are "burglar's tools"?

I was once watching one of those "Cops" shows, and they found a Klein plastic handled skinning knife in the back seat of the arrestee's car, about as worthless of a tool as there is for keeping an edge, but a tool specificly made for removing insulation from a conductor.

The cop turned it over in his hand and said something like "gosh, I don't know what it is, but it's a vicious weapon meant to hurt someone".

So, we have the officer's probable view that, particularly if he can't explain it, everything is a weapon.

Burglar's tools.

You can use a mattock for digging up roots, or break open a door. Maybe smash someone's skull while they're at it - a multi tasking device. Garden tool, burglar's tool, or weapon?

How about a backhoe? One can excavate and backfill as well as tear an ATM out of the wall at the bank.

Glass cutting tools can be used for all sorts of creative projects, as well as a sawzall. And so on.

So what exactly are "burglar's tools?"
Maybe a flashlight. That's what they all use in the movies.
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