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Maybe we can look at it another way:

Get twenty five anti-illegal demonstrators at the front door of a major "news" outlet, and the event might not be addressed in the media.

Five open borders activists in a closet saying that those five in front of the media are racists will get front page coverage.

200 anti illegal immigration activist rally in a park and have some media attention, maybe because there are two hundred open borders advocates across the street calling them "racists".

Then, two black uniformed "Heil Hitler" bozos with swastika armbands walk by.

So, who does all the media attention get focused on, and which group is associated with uninvited and unwelcome nazi fascists? And what message gets lost in the process?

What Nazi numbskull has ever been nominated for public office in America? What great social plans do they espouse? Do people who believe in a just America become involved with National Socialism?

Once again, unfounded allegation of white racism by less than a reasonable assumption of association is taken as fact - no proof needed. The message is about illegality and how unchecked migration has damaged America, not about race.

"White racism" sells, and anti illegal immigration activism is self defeating if it constantly shovels ammunition to the opposing side.

Like it or not.
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