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Originally Posted by Don View Post
I should say I'm surprised to hear the outpouring of sympathy for poor Naui and the poor illiterate villagers who apparently attacked members of the old organization at Maywood, but I'm not.

If you feel more sorry for the savages who're going to kill you when they can than you do for your own right to exist, you're doomed. Totally doomed.

More and more I'm beginning to understand the mentality of pioneers who exterminated Indians. A good one is a dead one because dead one won't breed and it won't kill you or your family. That's where this Mexican invasion is going. They're savages. Before Europeans came, they used to eat each other and harvest children for human sacrifice and food. Read the history of the Aztecs. See Mel Gibson's movie, Aplocalypto. IF they're not stopped, they will kill all of us when they get their numbers up and that day is coming fast.

I pray for the day when these monsters riot and what's left of the American people see them on TV as they pull white people out of cars and beat and kill them like in the Rodney King Riots in 1992. If that day comes soon, we will still have a chance to summon enough hatred and common sense to do what has to be done. If they're numbers continue to grow, we're doomed. We already live under an occupation government that protects the interests of these savages over the interests of what's left of the dwindling American population. Obongo, our Kenyan President, hates America and hates Americans. He's biding his time and waiting to preside over the massacre of American citizens.
Your post sounds nihilistic as hell. You're encouraging genocide, and that's not what we're about here.

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"I entirely reject the concept, however, of "anchor babies." If parents are found to be here illegally, then the whole family, children as well, should be sent back to the parents' country of origin."

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