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I disagree with you on "majority rules" because we are a Republic first and a democracy second. Another point of fact is that the Senate with equal representation is suppose to represent even the small less populated states with equal power, thus the majority is not the final answer. The majority is represented on our election day when democracy is present. What is happening now in this country is putting all that in jeopardy. We have a president who is acting like a dictator and has decided he can make laws and ignore laws. He has used the power of the office to stifle the opposition and instead of the government being controlled by the people, the government is controlling everything including our healthcare and what our children are being taught in school (this last part is extremely important and should scare the hell out of everyone).

And the dissatisfaction with Congress is not necessarily the Republicans fault, both parties in Congress have power at this point, and factoring in Obama, I would say it is the Democrats with more power (two of the three powers outside of the Supreme Court) who hold most of the blame for this impasse.

I don't think Boehner really turned around because he didn't trust Obama to carry out what Congress was attempting to passed on immigration. That was Boehner's best excuse for jumping ship on the amnesty plan he was going along with and pushing. Pressure from the Chamber of Commerce and maybe the low ratings are what prompted him to do the immigration dance for all the lobbyists. He just found out it is still very unpopular with the public. But for all those that considered it a win at this time is total insanity. Why they thought of poisoning themselves with this issue at this time is beyond crazy. We have so many out of work and so angry at this administration, that thinking to appease the far left (which are the only ones left that have any faith in Obama et al) at this point in time is beyond any sort of common sense or sanity.
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