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Yikes! I think I may have offended someone with the above commentary last night. this appeared on American Patrol's webpage today:

I guess I wasn't thorough enough with my statement about us being nowhere near the hit count of AP, but I guess I should have mentioned statistics are very relative. Spencer's website may have dropped a bit over a few month period, however many things could account for that, and it's not likely that he's losing popularity by any means. Spencer is in AZ, and deals with a broad range of border security issues that affect the nation. SOS is a California focused activist organization, and our recent increase during that period might just reflect people taking more interest in California action because of the budget and other higher profile immigration related issues. Whatever the case, we are humbled by the master when it comes to longevity, experience, and practice. Spencer's site passed the 31 million hits mark. Too bad for him (and us since we'd benefit from his windfall too),that he doesn't get a dollar for each one.
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