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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
All of the talented candidates for American president don't get past the corporate casting couch. If you refuse to sleep with the producer, you never get your talents on stage. Sad to say, we have the most fair election premise in the world being strangled by the most corrupt politicians money can buy.
I would say that's largely true for both parties.

Republicans have always gotten the grief as being bought off by big business, but I don't see Wall Street chased around under Obama like business was under FDR during the depression, and it's not much of a secret that Hillary is face down in corporate America's unzipped lap. Meanwhile, small business has gotten a royal screwing over the last 7 years.

It shouldn't be a secret that the net worth of nearly every Democratic politician in Congress is wrapped up with Wall Street investments and real estate holdings, not to mention the capitalist oriented family businesses of some.

However, if you want to examine corporate corruption and bought off politicians, you need to look no farther than Silicone Valley and one party rule in Sacramento.

Off the top of my head, and I'm sure I'm going to miss some relevant bullet points, California has:

The largest gap between wealthy and poor
At least 33% of the national welfare burden since before the recession
The largest pool of poor
Among the highest in energy prices, which jacks up the cost of all goods and services
A Jimmy Carter economy limping along with low, single digit interest rates that fewer qualify for
Small business gets shafted, the middle class is falling apart.

Enter Silicone Valley with with exceedingly young billionaire executives in charge of relatively new corporations within relatively new versions of the tech and social media industries, they are firm believers in the 19th century maxim that "capitalism is about taking luxuries and turning them into necessities."

And, although they play nice among themselves, they have a great potential for being as ruthless as John D. Rockefeller and all the rest.

They are all about cheap foreign labor, H1b visa or illegal, and offshore everything they can. There is no fondness for unionism in their own companies, and they are unwilling to pay a relatively decent wage for their small labor pool in what is among the highest housing costs in the nation.

Yet for all their robber baron proclivities, they finance much of the far left agenda and Democratic politicians in California - and those left wing nuts take it.

Having bought into the green movement, these private jet Silicone Valley faux progressives have the carbon footprints of small nations. Having multiple luxurious accommodations in California and elsewhere, they want to cram everyone else into high density apartments in "the city core". It's a no brainer they aren't going to ride on mass transit with the unwashed masses.

In the meantime, they destroy the middle class by decimating traditional business, then gouge the public with high priced energy, stratospheric food prices and inflated housing costs. Additionally, they are entering into buying up what's left of the traditional news media.

And, being part of the 1% themselves, or well on the way to being 1%ers, do you think they would pay equitable taxes? No, because they have an exceedingly sweet deal with local, Sacramento and Washington politicians that keeps the taxman away.

In the end, the masses will be relegated to the status of domestic animals milked for scarce cash in exchange for Facebook and Twitter minutes on Silicone Valley derived smart phones while living in multi story, 300 square foot hovels.

I don't like the Republican party, but when it comes to outright, unbridled, hypocritical criminality and runaway prevarication, the Democrats have it hands down over the Republicans. At this point, with consideration of two unmitigated evils, I'll sup with the Republican devils - and Charles Koch has it all over capitalist pig, pretending to be an environmentalist progressive, Tom Steyr.

Thought for the day: if anyone stays home and doesn't vote out of disgust over whomever the Republican nominee might be, that's a vote for Hillary.
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