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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
I'm not saying we should ignore it. But if the administration goes that direction it will be for specific purposes like the voter intimidation. The issue here should be that and not race, so we don't let them sidetrack the punishable violation. Once people get caught up in racial strife, it will just go on and on. Don't arrest the guy for being a racist; Arrest him for voter intimidation. That's the clear cut case as I see it.
Great point, and I do agree, of course the prosecution should be voter intimidation. But my outrage also includes how in the hell can people who's job is to represent all citizens in this country, can mandate whether or not investigations take place with race regarded at all. The accusation is that the DOJ was instructed not to prosecute black on white civil rights crimes, yet you can bet your butt that white on black would be prosecuted to the fullest. Hypocrites in office should be hammered for their hypocracy. I think this will not be allowed to die, and will cost Obama and / or his minions dearly, as it should.
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