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Default Video Clips of Rally in Santa Clarita

Below are the links to video clips 4-7 taken at the Save Our State Anti-Illegal Immigration rally on Sat., 1/16/10. Highlights include:

Pt. 4 Speakers from the Ventura County and Santa Clarita Tea Parties and Campo Minuteman, Britt Craig.

Pt. 5 Suzy Evans, candidate for San Fernando Valley's 40th District assembly seat, and Robin and Ray of "We The People" California Crusader.

Pt. 6 Roger Gitlin, the founder of the Santa Clarita Tea Party and Bill Sartino of the Ventura Tea Party who has a strong message regarding EARNING ONE'S CITIZENSHIP.

Pt. 7 Frank Jorge ponders on what's next for the Anti-Illegal Immigration movement.

One more video to go (the BEST for last).

Comment, sub, rate and distribute if you like. Thanks
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