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Well, you've clearly performed superior quality sabotage because the campaign has no chance in November.
He got himself hauled into court on multiple occasions and learned that a valid judgment creditor can't directly attach his retirement benefits from the military.
I noticed that like myself, Davi and Markham Robinson you were sent the following email by: "El Commandante" Jeff Schwilk:
Jeff Schwilk to Davi, Sam, Mark and me
Hey punks! Keep bashing Chelene with your petty bullshit and lies, she just keeps getting stronger and stronger! We know who (and what) you are and so does the entire Patriot movement in California.

Grow up and STFU! Your boy Marky lost bad. Chelene is the people's choice, period. If you show up at her events or our events, expect to be dealt with like the mentally disturbed goons that you are. That's a promise!
This was my reply to the "Leader" of the SoCal Patriot Coalition:
Frank Jorge to Jeff Schwilk

You know what dude? We are done.
Your immaturity is insufferable.
Don't waste your time emailing me.
Get a life.


It appears that someone has been reading everything we post and they just can't stand to see anything that is not a glowing praise of their candidate.

So what to do? Call Jeff and he will try to intimidate grown adults by resorting to name calling and threatening to "do something to you".

My opinion of Mr Schwilk has been adjusted by his actions. I have received a number of his emails insulting me for no reason other than his allegiance to Nightingale.

Mr Schwilk, whom I once respected is a complete nobody as far as I am concerned. His third grade bully boy threats reveal him to be an individual incapable of resolving problems rationally or respecting others.
And this folks, is the "leader" of the SoCal Patriot Coalition.

I do not know what he has been told and I don't care at this point.
If he thinks he can come up to me and destroy me let him try.

As for any real information regarding the Jorge vs Nightingale case held in Mojave California, in order to dispel any lies or rumors regarding what went on
you may, as can anyone else, request the courts' decision, transcripts and an audio recording of that event since these are public documents.

I don't have the time or inclination to get those but if anybody else wants to have at it! Post it some place where Schwilk can read it since he has only heard what someone wanted him to know.

When the November election rolls around Ms Nightingale may get approx 100,000-200,000 votes if she is lucky and then she and Jeff will have to deal with reality. Either Meg Whitman or Jerry Brown will be the new Governor of California.

I have already been warned by Jeff that if I post anything regarding Chelene that things will get "real interesting", to quote him. Here is that email:
I heard about your childish tantrum in court and your threats and harassment of Chelene and her family. We got your number, "dude"!

Keep posting your bullshit and things will get a whole lot more interesting. Chelene is loved by millions of real Patriots who will not put up with you and your amigo's crap.

Move on and grow up!
Yup! That's El Commandante Jeff barking out the orders! We must obey or face annihilation.

If this woman is loved by millions how in hell did she get a measly 17,000 votes? I guess folks forgot to vote for her.

Jeffy boy if you ever see me don't be shy...come on up and let's get real!
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