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Originally Posted by PochoPatriot View Post
Further, when do we stop being anti-Nightingale and become pro-border security?

I am not trying to stir up shyte but just trying to get my head wrapped around this issue.
Well, I thought I was able to do both. I've managed to build a new tool for us (portable flagpole) organize two events,(admittedly one failed when I slipped and fell), hammered the city of Sac on the Arizona boycott twice, track and report on illegals caught up in the jails here, in addition to several paperwork projects to obtain records pertaining to illegals in northern and southern CA. I know I've forgotten some of it too, because things like making videos of illegal vendors and day laborer employers almost seems like a bodily function to me anymore, and hardly worthy of consideration, but the point is, we're still wrapped around the border security issue quite intensely. Although it may seem as such to her at this point, Nightingale doesn't really get that much of our time. Sometimes I do it for recreational diversion when I take a break from my other duties.
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