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This is an absolutely powerful piece that identifies exactly what I have thought ever since Gov. Palin was asked to run for VP. The left is so afraid of her that they had to demonize her. She was everything that they wanted from Hillary Clinton, a strong, self-motivated, independent woman. Except that she did not need the protection of the left, and that is what created the hostility of the left towards her. I think that what she experienced was very much akin to what happened to Judge Robert Bork newly three decades ago. However, I expected hostility from the left, what I did not expect was hostility from the right. Case in point one of our more seasoned citizens calling Gov. Palin a "Barbie doll". I think that this is tunnel vision.

I can understand the tunnel vision that activists can get. We get so focused on our "pet" issue that nothing else matters. If we don't get everything we want in regards to our pet issue, then we will take our toys and go home, as if we are going to punish this country that is so much bigger than our pet issues.

There is a vacuum of leadership right now in this country. No one wants to take a chance, put out their vision of where this country should go, and walk the talk. I believe that Sarah Palin could be that person. Does she need to be educated on the topic of illegal immigration? Absolutely. She may be the right woman, no, person for the job of cleaning up Obama's mess. I will stand behind her until she demonstrates to me that she does not care about all the issues I am passionate about...not just one.
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