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You obviously didn't read close enough to figure that I no longer adhere to Mormon beliefs or principles. Not to mention, the Main stream Mormon church (the one I was raised in) no longer practices polygamy and only practices it in the very depth of their doctrine, hiding the majority of its history from it newest members, sweeping much under the rug..

I am what people refer to as "exmormon"

We must disregard all of what you have to say by your obvious ignorance. Try again

Originally Posted by Jeanfromfillmore View Post
How many wives do you have? Do they all share your bed at the same time or do you only have so much room for them. Why not pile them one on top of the other, you wouldn't want to discriminate by not having room for every one at the same time.

And by the way, I'm an atheist so you're description of us as a whole just doesn't fit. But I don't criticize those that want to put god first before other things. It's people like you that profess 'your god and your way of thinking is the only real god'. Go put your magic underwear on and go pray for yourself. And by the way, why won't you let anyone but your own people in your temple? Are you a racist? Or do you and your religion just discriminate against those who don't think exactly like you do. I guess there's an imaginary border line at the entrance of your temple. Talk about discrimination, your church practices it to the max.
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