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Originally Posted by Greg in LA View Post
Hi Ayatollah,
I called the Franchise tax board a couple of times yesterday and today, and they told me at the number that you provided that they don't take complaints. They then referred me to a department that handles Tax exempt organization, and they directed me to "advocate services" that will send send the complaint to the Franchise tax board. They told me that I have to do this through "advocate services."

They're called: Executive and advocate services.

My contact is Shelly Clark.
Phone: 916-845-6316
Fax: 916-855-5799

They said that we would need to send or fax a written discription of the violation as well as documentation of the advertisement. She would then send it to the Franchise tax board for them to investigate.

The address is: PO box, 157 Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-0157

This is the information that I got. I don't know if it is different than what you found out.

If you can package a complaint and images of the advertisement ,I'll send in a complaint along with yours.

It's not at all unusual for the intake center to log in an initial complaint and re-direct it after they find the proper agency. This tells me that a few other people may have called and that's what they're doing.

I'll get some more pics of the big billboards, but the television commercials are pretty hard to document. Another one of them ran last evening around 10:00 pm.
Anyone out there have recording capabilities to document one of these commercials on TV?
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